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D-Club247 Fitness - Monday, June 26, 2017

Say hello to D-Club's first club ambassador Aruna Morrissey.  

The 20 year old Bendigo university student has been a member with D-Club since 2015. Aruna recently joined our OTM45 Heart Rate Training group fitness program and embraces an active lifestyle outside of the gym, occasionally sharing her home workouts on Instagram. 

Aruna shares with us why going to the gym isn't all about how you look but rather how it makes you feel. 

What was your motivation behind joining D-Club?

I first joined midway through year 12 in 2015. As soon as I decided I wanted to study exercise physiology at uni, I knew I'd need to spend time in a gym practising the moves.

I didn't do it (workout) to look stronger. I did it to feel stronger. In a sense, working out boosts your self-efficacy.

You're now in your second year of studying a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at  La Trobe University Bendigo, how has that changed your fitness routine?

For me it hasn't changed much. I'm probably a lot more motivated because the exercises we are learning in class I can put into practice at gym and have the support of the trainers to get it right.

I've noticed most people drop off exercising in year 12 and by second year of uni start to think about being more active. You spend so much time sitting around and studying.

Of course, my classes and work determine which OTM45 sessions I can book but each is only 45 minutes. You're in and out. 

Late last year you became an OTM45 crew member. Tell us why you enjoy the group fitness program so much. 

At the start I was coming to the gym and doing my own workouts and a few group fitness classes. I wanted to feel stronger so I started OTM45 and I feel I have (become stronger). 

I love that it's a variety of exercise sessions and it targets different muscle groups. Team training is great but boxing would be my favourite. If you're having a bad day, you can box it out.

OTM45 makes it easy to show up and focus on the workout. You don't have to think about what move you need to do next. It's all guided by the coaches. The coaches are there to push you.

On my general membership, I wouldn't work hard enough. OTM45 pushes you to work harder and squeeze out just that little bit more. I've certainly noticed the difference in my body.

The coaches don't let you get away with anything and there's no hiding. They hold you accountable. 

You're right, there is no where to hide in an OTM45 session.

Especially when you're wearing the myZone belt! Your heart rate is right up there on the big screen. The good thing is I'm not guessing whether I'm working hard enough. You can see what zone you're in and the coaches are keeping a close eye on it.

What do you enjoy most about coming to D-Club?

It would have to be the coaches; they are all so friendly and know you by name. The club has a really motivating atmosphere. It's also the little things like the phone chargers and the GHDs in the bathroom. It makes it a nice place to come.

Aruna is wearing Jaggad activewear available from Bendigo's exclusive stockist Monalisa Bendigo. Photography by Gingerhouse Photography


What are you listening to? I like a lot of rap music so Kayne West or Kendrick Lamar 

Make up or no make up at the gym? No make up

Favourite sportswear? Jaggad, Adidas and Nike. 

Snap or Instagram? Insta.  

Favourite local Instagram account? Ashley Morales Make-up

Join Aruna in OTM45 Heart Rate Training 

OTM45 is a 45 minute workout solution to help you get the body you want. OTM45 is strength and resistance training; it's core exercise; it's high cardio - it’s as much as we can do in a 45 minute session to keep you moving.

"Once you see results, it becomes an addiction and turns into lifestyle" - Aruna

Together with unlimited team training and gym membership, D-Club247 Fitness is now Bendigo’s total solution fitness and wellness gym.

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