Three favourite TRX exercises

D-Club247 Fitness - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TRX group training sessions are a favourite among our OTM45 members. These black-and-yellow straps offer a cardio workout, a resistance workout, and a core stability workout.

OTM45 coach and crew leader Larissa demonstrates some of her favourite TRX exercises included in our specialised group training sessions.



Take the two handles and step back until the rope is tight. Engage arms. Brace abs. Position feet hip width apart. Eyes up. Chest up. 

Now drop down to a 90 degree angle and squeeze you glutes as you come up.

Challenge yourself by doing a one leg squat.

TRX pull up (mid row)

This exercise will work your back, arms and shoulders.

Take the two handles and lay back. Now walk your feet down towards the centre. The further down you position your feet, the harder the exercise. 

Once you find a comfortable point, point your hips up to the sky. Chest up. Shoulders back. Now pull your chest to your hands. Slowly down. Slowly up.

TRX Prone 45 Pull In

Come into the centre - directly underneath the top bar. Feet go back so that you are in a prone plank on a rope. Hold hips up. Brace your abs. Pull both ropes close into your shoulders underneath your chest. 

One arm goes out at a 45 degree angle and slowly comes in. Repeat with the other arm.

To make it harder, step back further. To make it easier, bring your feet forward.  

Come and try an OTM45 TRX session

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